May 16, 2012

Summer health tips

Raising mercury is bothering all of us. Prickly heat leading to irritability, loss of appetite, increased sweating etc brings health concerns during hot months of the year. One needs to acclimatize with changing climate. Proper health care is required during this time. Taking care of health is not only limited for weight and dieting. Disease free life is claimed as good health. 

Water: Water is the vital nutrient in human life. Drinking ample amount of water helps in maintaining good health. 2 to 3 lit water is required during the whole day. it will vary as per the activity level. Place of activity and age / gender. Kids must drink ample amount of water before and after playing on the ground. 

Know  Your water requirement to minimize heat related problems and keep hydrated through out the day.

Summer Drinks:  increased thirst demands more liquid than solid food during sunny days. Drinking water along with re hydrating drinks helps in maintaining optimal stamina and good health. Carbonated beverages, caffeinated drinks cause water loss from body. They lead to increased urination. One must be very cautious while selecting rehydrating drinks. Avoid extra added sugar in beverages as it contributes to increased calorie consumption.
Get some Summer cooling drink recipes to enjoy and cherish!

Exercise cautiously: One must consider hydration requirements while working out during summer days. Drink 500 to 700 ml water before exercise to replenish the water loss. It is good to consume water while working out. Keeping thirsty may lead to dehydration problems.
It is a misconcept to not to drink water while working out. It must be avoided during aerobic activities, but in strength training one must drink water.

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