Jun 20, 2012

Rule for Healthy living

Healthy living is on mind....please do not make a resolution only for a day, week or month! Its a life time commitment you have make for your well being. Eating a single junk food will not make you obese...same way having a single healthy food will not bring healthy body.

I believe in one mantra : "Avoid processed food to live healthy life
This line means a lot. Its not that i will list down couple of things down there and you will start to follow it. 
Term processed food is very important here. 

Our life and life style has been hijacked by processed food. Food industry has developed over past 4-5 decades. End no of products on consumers door step. You do not have time to cook...we bring ready to eat...you wish to cook at home :  we bring ready to cook. Endless brands and endless products. 

After getting up in the morning till sleeping in the night we come across to so many processed food items. It can be tonned, double tonned milk, vegetable butter, bread, noodles, wheat flour, puree,   biscuits, namkins, icecreams etc.

The list is very large. I am not against eating them at all but we need to be caucious in our food choice. Reducing processed food consumption by 10 % will make a difference in your digestive health, skin texture, stamina, working ability, concentration, weight related issues.

Processed food is any thing undergone the processing in manufacturing plant. We need to go back to our tradition and traditional eating pattern. Traditional eatig pattern is designed considering our weather, climatic conditions, food available etc. But at the same time incorporating appropriate amount of physical activity will help. 

I hope you got my message about ' Avoid processed food'  in daily life to stay healthy......

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