Aug 17, 2012

Know your Health Tool: Part 1

Every one is running behind losing weight and keeping fir. In today's time keeping healthy is not that difficult. There are end number of facilities available. To start with weight concerns every one needs to know what is my ideal body weight? How much should I weight?
There are online calculators available to answer your this query. Ideal body weight calculator checks your ideal weight based on your height.
There are many benefits of knowing your ideal body weight:

  1. It gives you insight about health status. Being 2-5 kg over weight or more than that is a health concern. 
  2. Many times person is right on the scale but has some love handles. He feels that he is obese or over weight...but its not so. 
  3. There is range for ideal weight. It is based on height.
  4. Two persons weighing 60 kg may have different looks. so its is not like one is over weight or another is thin.
  5. Consider your weight range and decide your target weight. 
  6. Being very thin is not good for health. If you are below 2 kg to your given range you need to increase the same time if you are above 1-2 kg than given range get moving!
It is very important to understand why to lose weight and what is next to weight loss

Get going....Check your ideal body weight and make necessary changes in your routine!

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