Feb 28, 2014

What is the importance of detoxification?

What is the importance of detoxification?

We are staying in a world where our body is exposed to end number of toxins. As our grand parents say, in old days climate was more fresh and there were less diseases or health issues for common man. What is wrong in today's time is air is polluted by various toxins, food is polluted which is affecting our health in long run. You must be thinking that why i am discussing about pollution while the write up is about detoxification..The relation is simple, since our body is exposed to end number of toxins, we need to get rid of them .

Our body requires detoxification. We eat lot of junk food which mainly comprises of refined flour, food additives which include food preservatives, food colors, soda, etc. At the same time the diet is low in fiber. Fiber plays important role in detoxification. High fiber food helps in eliminating toxins from our body. In such situation, we need to do detoxification purposefully. In old days people used to fast, where they used eat only fresh fruits and veggies. I feel that was the secret of their good health. This is the same thing various experts tell us to do.

What we do in detoxification? We alter diet, where there is more of water intake, fresh fruits and vegetables are included. One must make sure that on the day of detoxification you have minimal activity level. You stay calm and spend time in peace. This will help you in getting mind and body balance and detoxofication.

Following are few more benefits from Detoxification:
  1. Improved energy levels to do work.
  2. Improved concentration levels and productivity as a result.
  3. glowing skin and get rid of blamishes, rashes and dark skin.
  4. Lose some weight as removing excess toxins from body helps in losing weight.
  5. Improved immune system and less infections and diseases.
  6. Clarity in thinking and improved vision.
  7. Reduce aging process if you will practicie this regularly.
  8. Improved confidence and over all well being.
There are some supplements or programs available in the market which help in detoxification. You need to be very careful while selecting such tablets. It is not that these all are harmful, but can have adverse effect on health.  If you want to know more about detoxification, detox programs and supplements, do let me know.

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