Mar 5, 2014

Secrets for Healthy Hair

Secrets for Healthy Hair

Long and healthy hair looks like dream to you. Its time to check your diet, if you wan to get such beautiful hair. Hair is a part of beauty and needs proper nutrition. Only out application of oil, shampoo will not help. Lets see which all foods will help you getting fab hair this season: 

  • High protein foods: hair needs good quality protein. If you are experiencing hair fall, go and grab a glass of milk daily for 15 days. See the change. There will be improved hair texture and reduced hair fall for sure.Proteins help in new cell generation. along with milk, nuts and oil seeds, beans grains provide good quality protein. Daily consumption of egg white and egg yolk will provide essential amino acids. 
  •  Citrous foods and fruits: Citrous foods provide vitamin C. Fruits such as lemon, amla, guava, apples, oranges, palak, methi etc provide abandon amount of ascorbic acid. it helps in collagen production which is required for smooth hair texture. smokers requirement for vitamin C is double than normal persons. 
  •  Sources of iron: Iron is a mineral required for proper hemoglobin levels. It provides ample amount of oxygen to cells which is essential for growth. one can get iron from green leafy veggies, meat, chicken, eggs, soybean etc.
  • Copper & Zinc: these two are essential mineral for hair health. Copper prevents weakening of hair follicle where as zinc is required to produce oil at hair rout to prevent dryness and dandruff. these two minerals come from oil seeds such as sesame seeds, nuts, soybean etc.
  • Vitamin b complex: b complex vitamins are required to maintain hair follicle and healthy oxygen supply. One can get B complex vitamins from non veg products such as eggs, chicken, fish , mea etc.

As your hair requires good quality cleansing material, follow #DovePlay to get more information! It also needs internal nourishment. Include these nutrient dense foods in daily diet and get healthy and beautiful hair! 

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