May 11, 2014

Share the JOY

On this mothers day got a chance to share some deep routed thoughts once again. There is so much to share in life! And a mother who gives birth to the child, teaches him / her; prepares for life and gives a shape to life can share endless things! i remember as a child i was taught to share my small-small things, get adjust with things and lead..And today it is paying me off! Thank you MOM!

But, I wonder in today's time how i can teach this sharing to my kid? Things are easily available, infact it is available in front of us before actual need is there...Well, there is no one else to be blamed. We are successful in our careers, earning money, want to give more to our kids than we have got....So, can not expect anything different than this.

Whenever i blog, i feel one fine day my kid will log in and read these writes on her own. That time she will get the message what i want to teach her. It is very difficult to teach them every thing verbally. So, hope writing it down will make a difference...

As a step forward to this i have given a missed call on 1800 267 6767/ 1800 267 2222 to participate in a campaign s by Johnson's baby. They are collecting used items of small kids and making it available for underprivileged kids. i was amazed to know about the fact that they have put up around 300 collection centers in 5 cities in India. We just have to give a missed call on this toll free number and get direction to donate your goodies.  

Yet to send my collection of my princess, but will do it soon....How do you think about doing the same?

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  1. Perfect post for mothers. Favorable info for kids to keep them safe and soothing....thank u for the share....