Mar 8, 2011

Happy Woman's day

Gone the time of feminism.....its the time of gender equality....Lets not be bias on the basis of cast, region, religion and even the Gender...Why we girls need special women's day...Is not every coming day your's? Come out of the traditional dream shown to us and accept the fact and enact...You have the power and energy!!

Born and brought up like a human being not as a girl or not as woman. Since our childhood why we are taught like you are a girl this is what you can do. No, no need of that. Right after our birth we must be treated as a human not as a girl or latter part in life as a female student, Female co worker, wife, sister, mother. i believe every one knows his own role and will learn along with the stream. 

On the occasion of the women's day I have only one wish for woman hood to let us live life as a human not as a woman. If you will think about the world used here you will realize the difference. It is from the both the side - society must have a clear vision to consider this fact. And as a woman we shall not look forward for any special consideration from the next individual.

Just take a pause and think about being human - there is no discrimination in kind of work done at domestic and professional level, no special reservations - if  one has aptitude will get the position.., considering the physical capacity -individualized..........Girls stop putting yourself behind the cage and then saying we are not allowed. It s you who need to help your self. Change your approach and be ready for coming time and challenges....just try saying this to your self twice a day and see the energy to go ahead. 

May be i am talking at very different level, but thought to share with u all...........     

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