Jun 8, 2011

TOP 5 TIPS before taking House on rent

Staying in Rented home...............God, please no one will have to face this!!!
Your own home...........but if rented be careful before finalizing it...
I heard many times from elder people that LIFE TEACHES EVERYTHING!!!
And here is my 4th /5th /6th ..........lesson of my life! Our house owners sorry correction - THE DELHI HOUSE OWNERS taught me some of the lines below.

its not case that m staying for yrs in rented house and alll...........but yes couple of yrs in fact in only two experiences i could get this. i was never told by any one that which all things i must concentrate before taking any house on rent. So just thought to give it a shot and take down my own learningssssss............hope you will enjoy reading though.....do not hesitate to comment or correct me if m WRONG........

TIP NO 1. Select appropriate floor as per the requirement: (now have habit of writing in this language....well....) Delhi rather nod is full of bungalows (we know it as bungalows) or Kothis - which are built not for the family but to rent out the space.....generally they are one or two floor buildings. So if you are bachelor can stay on top floor room. As in keeping awake in the night due to hot weather or cold weather will not bother you much! Family people just mind it............Lovely Delhi temp is not less than 40 C for 60 days out of365.

TIP NO 2. Check out with WATER tank or water supply for your selected house. (only for your self not for the whole kothi)..... as there are couple of other neighbor will accompanying you they will also be supplied through same water tank......Think twice as you will not have a chance to call third person in your family considering water availability. You can give an attempt to understand the water pipe setting and imagine the flow.

TIP NO 3. Check out with all the fittings....this is a very common thing. You can check all the fittings like fan , light, tabs, plugs, switches, doors, door locks, etc if they are working fine. make a list of things you get done and get it signed with owner to make a not of things you have done. Do not forget to consider this amt while leaving the home..

TIP NO 4. Kitchen inspection........ this point will be most considered by female readers. M not telling you to check for expensive modular kitchen but to look out for pests like cockroach, rats and their brothers.....required get pest control done before entering the home.
TIP NO 5. How to get your whole amt for deposit while leaving the house??????? Well tis the big question.....i knwo what to do....what you can guessss? Leaving house...........and getting your money its big JHAMELA.......think and plan before hand.....

Tired in just this thought process...........god knows how people must be staying sorry living life in rented house......God! give them some strength.....

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