Aug 8, 2013

know Your Food: Banana

Going banana way scares you? Or you are amongst them who prefer avoiding this wonder fruit for sake of calories and carb count..? ..

know why banana is recommended from youngers to elders in the family: 

Prevent cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure :Banana is rich in potassium. Potassium is a mineral which helps in management of blood pressure. With high potassium content it is  very low source of sodium. It is also rich in soluble fiber which helps in leading heart health.

Improve bone health: Potassium is essential mineral for bone health. It helps in absorption of calcium in diet. Due to high sodium diet, calcium leaches out from bones.Potassium prevents this action and lead healthy bones. This is achieved by fructooligosaccharides present in the banana. They improve stomach microflora and improve minerals absorption. 

Manage stomach ulcers : Banana helps in managing stomach ulcers in two ways, it inhibits the acidic reach in stomach. It creates lining on stomach wall which prohibit acidic reaction. It also has chemical content called protease inhibitors which prevents ulcers action.Combining banana and milk helps in managing acidity and ulcers related problems. 

High fiber benefits : Ripened banana contains pectin which acts as pro biotic. This helps in improving stomach micro flora for better digestion. Thus it is useful fruit in problems like diarrhea. 

Tryptophan present in banana helps in dealing with sleep related disorders: This tryptophan is converted to serotonin which is an important for sleep. 

One medium sized banana weighs 120 gms gives 106 Kcal, 12% fiber and 17% vitamin C of daily requirement. 

Few Useful tips to get most benefits from Banana:
  • Include banana just before your work out. It acts as a good source of energy. 
  • Consuming one or two bananas may help in dealing with leg cramps and pain related to exercise.
  • in case of females, it helps in managing PMS symptoms and manage blood sugar levels.
  • If you are trying to quit smoking? Eat one or two bananas every day. Magnesium and potassium content from banana helps in managing the withdrawal symptoms. 

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