Aug 14, 2013

Vitamin E For Beauty

Looking good is on cards for every individual. Everyone try different creams, lotions, face washes etc to enhance looks and external beauty.  Few people pay attention to internal nourishment to look good and energetic.  External as well as internal nourishment is required for good skin. Vitamin E is popular in beauty products for its anti-aging effect. 

Vitamin E is fat soluble vitamin available in different forms to be absorbed in human body.  It is known as potent antioxidant. It fights again oxidative damage caused at cellular level.  Different pollutants, Trans fatty acids, exposure to smoke, fumes etc increase oxidative damage. Wheat germ, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, corn oil, soybean oil, almonds, hazel nuts, pumpkin, mangoes, tomatoes etc contain vitamin E. 

Recent studies suggest vitamin application helps in reducing age spots on face. Vitamin e is a part of all sunscreen lotions which helps in preventing damage due to sun rays.  Age related spots; wrinkles can be eliminated with application of vitamin e on skin. This powerful skin healing vitamin is also known as ‘the skin vitamin’.  Mixing vitamin E oil with coconut oil acts as a sunscreen lotion. 

Dry skin and cracks on heels can be treated with application of vitamin E oil and olive oil. Applying the mixture in the night on affected area will help in smoothing the skin texture.  It spreads evenly n the skin leaving it soft and subtle.  Combination of vitamin e with alovera gel helps in burns and healing the wounds.  Almond and vitamin E oil application on lips help in treating dry lips. 

Wrinkles and lines on face impact beauty and looks. Vitamin E application helps in managing skin wrinkles. Use of vitamin E oil in facial massage will help in improving blood circulation giving young look.  Application of the oil on dry skin, hang nails, cracked skin etc acts as a moisturizer and ointment. In Post operative surgery   vitamin e is applied on the wound for better healing. 

Experts suggest one must consume 15 mg vitamin e from diet every day. Nuts and oil seeds, wheat germ, soybean are the good sources of vitamin E.  Regular use of this micro nutrient will help in maintain beautiful skin and over all looks.


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  2. Hi Nancy, thank you for liking the post. you are right this vitamin helps in enhancing beauty