Dec 27, 2013

Rising Rupee and living healthy life

Being a nutritionist can not resist to share this thought with you all. There is so much buzz about rising price for gold, down time for rupee and so on....
Few days back I read a message which gave list of products from foreign manufacturers or  companies and Indian origin products competitive to those....they said that avoid use of foreign originated company products., and use oir own brands which are produced here....
When I had gone through the list food products attracted my attention....list of products which were including carbonated beverages, biscuits, chocolates, processed foods, etc....the point wanted to mention a healthcare professionals we say minimize the use of processed food.
You just think if you will discard all the processed food from your daily life how much you will save...i have a simple calculation to share with you:
  • You spend money on carbonated beverages daily: Average daily Rs 20...But it adds calories which are not necessary.
  • Bakery products: how many of us can tolerate tasty pastry or cookies lying on plate? No! i know that. But then these are our biggest enemies. plan your monthly grocery shopping such a way that you get them once a month only. So, automatically you will not have temptation.
  • Fried Namkins: there are so many savories available in the market. Simply mix them with puffed rice and consume....
  • Monthly fees for Gym / Swimming / Club membership: On an average memberships generally cost from Rs 1500 to 2000...It can be a biggest saving. Prior starting your gym membership start doing 30 min walk. Check your weight - if you are reducing you dont have to go to gym IMMEDIATELY. (If you are on weight loss - you will need some or the other professional help) 
Well these are few things in my opinion. We have our own freedom. The choice is in our hand! 

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