Sep 25, 2013

Top 5 common mistakes which affect health

Daily we come across to so many people with health complaints. So many of us are going through aches and pains but we pay  less attention. Here are few observations about common mistakes we do on daily basis which affect health in short as well as long term:

Common mistakes which affect health:
1. Feeling lazy to get up early: if you are ine of them who find it difficult to get up from bed you need to make change to your daily eating habits. Hectic work life, busy schedule affect health, hut one need to find away out to tackle it.
2. Skipping breakfast : if you feel that skipping that bowl of cereal will help you in losing weight, you are totally wrong. Breakfast is important meal of the day. You need to make sre you take good balanced breakfast to provide enough energy through out the day. Skipping meals will gain your weight.
3.  Eat food in hurry: if you remember your mother or granny must be telling you t sit properly and eat your meals. Yes that is cause it will facilitate proper digestion of food. One must eat food as slow as possible. They say after chewing your fd must turn tasteless, then only you can swallow it. It improves the reaction with digestive enzymes and chemicals. 

4. Sit for long hours in one place: if you are into sitting job and can mo leave place for 12 to 14 hrs a day, you need to make some changes to your routine. Experts say one need to take frequent breaks, stop looking at screen after every 20 mins. Take abreak and go out for walk for 10 mins after every 4 hrs. Do some exercises while sitting at the chair.
5. Late night dinner or  desserts: late night dinners are fine. One must make sure there is gap of 2 hrs between food and bed time. Skipping meals will not help for sure.
Avoid eating late night desserts as they are high in sugar, fat etc.

Small change in daily routine will make a lot of difference to health. Do not avoid your health complaints, attend them and bring corrective measures.

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