Mar 16, 2014

Sweet social truth

Sweet Social truth

 "Oh dear, please leave my phone! Its not your toy!" A mother of a 2 yr old keep on screaming. Is this the similar situation in your home too. Then you are not only one who is going through this. Is it also accompanied by something like "leave your packet of chips, leave the plate of cake and complete your meal!...." Yes, its not only kids but we adults are also running behind processed / junk food most of the time. Why we should blame them?

What the effect of all these things on our young growing generation? Is it good for them as they are growing and learning new technology? or is it bad for them considering their health? Well, experts say cell phones work on radio technology. But there are no evidences to claim it as hazardous to health. FDA website has mentioned that there are no harmful effect on health of teenagers and adults on the use of cell phone. But, few pediatricians claim that use of cell phone at night time may alter their sleep pattern. The use of cell phone, is more than that. Kids are also allowed to use internet,  social sites and much more...We need to decide what is the right age to go for that. 

We need to make sure that use of technology is not reducing their time for physical activity. Make sure they play out door games at least for 60 mins every day. It is essential to include physical activity in daily life. WHO has suggested that reduction of physical activity by 40% is affecting kid's health and it is resulting in childhood obsity.

Use of junk food, processed food, high sugar intake, refined flour intake etc are leading causes for obesity. one must make sure that the diet is high in fresh fiber and fruits than bekary products, processed food, colas, aerated beverages etc.  The choice is our, we can not go behind the trend and what is followed in the society. 
As a parent we need to make healthy choices and ensure child's future. How to do that lies in your hand!

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