Mar 11, 2014

My dream travel to healthiest city in the world in 2014: Perth

My dream travel to healthiest city in the world in 2014: Perth 

When it comes to travel, the destination has to be a calm, peaceful and insane place. In daily routine there is lot of noise, stress, etc which can be avoided during your travel. When I gave a though about travel destination in 2014, a healthiest destination come to mind.

In today’s time where women safety is going through menace, it’s time to find out and see the place which is safe for FEMALES. Australian capital which is fourth largest city in Australia is Perth. Perth has been ranked 10th for Economist intelligence unit as world’s most livable city. It was also mentioned in BBC travel site that it is Australia’s healthiest city. 

At was mentioned in Australian women’s health magazine that the numbers of cyclists were increased by 450% during year 1998 to 2009. So, I can plan a cycle ride in city where one can look up the cycle while traveling in the train.

Beaches are popular which impart more joy to your journey. Spending sun set to sun rise is an awesome experience one can have. Indian Ocean beach in Perth is known for open games and public park events. The open space tool is recently launched in Perth which helps in tracking local parks and public places. 

Warm climate in Australia is warm which supports the sports activities within the country. Availability of open space, beaches etc makes it perfect destination for women travelers. We love Perth is another tool which helps in selecting good healthy food outlets while shopping and events in the town. 

Looks like need to get going for this healthy ride this summer 2014! Let me check what more prep do i need to do with Skyscanner.


  1. Thank you Farida, traveling in a city which promotes health and that too women health would always be on my cards :)

  2. Yes I completely agree with you that Perth is the healthiest city in Australia as I have been there for almost 3 years...Really nice place to live in.I did not have any choice so I had to return back to India. But yes you made a very good choice...staying in a healthy city keeps you healthy indeed.