Aug 14, 2013


Suryanamaskar also known as Sun salutation is an ancient exercise regimen given to us. No fitness routine or dieting help you in losing the inches the way Suryanamaskar will do.  It is a whole body exercise giving stretches and strength to large muscle group.  Bollywood stars like Shilpa Shetty, kareena Kapoor are heading on Suryanamaskar over gym routine. There are mantras which can be chanted while doing these poses. It is a set of 12 poses which can be performed in sequence completing single cycle.
Benefits of Suryanamaskar involve:
·         This activity targets large muscle group in the body giving strength and flexibility.
·         Regular practice helps in reduction of abdominal fat.
·         Body functions such as heart activity, circulatory system, lungs, breathing, digestive system and hormonal system gets benefits from regular practice of Suryanamaskar.
·         Breathing activity improves cellular oxygen supply.
·         Improved concentration level and focused mind is seen on regular practice.
Morning time is the ideal period for Suryanamaskar. It can be performed in an open place with full of sun light and fresh air. This improves oxygen and vitamin d supply to the body. 

Step 1: It is standing position with hands folded in front of your chest.  Breathing is normal while toes are touching each other with 45®.
Step 2:  Lift your arms over your shoulders and head. Let your biceps youth your ears. One can stretch abdomen and tilt backwards.
Step 3: While bending forward breath in deeply, do not fold knees.  Keep palms on the floor. Try to touch your head to knee and hold the position for few seconds.
Step 4: Take one leg back and keep palm touching the floor. Another lap can touch your chest in this position.  There will be pressure on stomach and belly. Now hold breath and look upward towards sky.
Step 5:  in this position take another leg backward. Palms will be touching the floor. Head, neck will be erect facing upwards. Ankle, toes will be touching each other. Head, neck, back and spine straight while palms are on the floor.
Step 6: Touch knees, forehead to the floor. Both palms close to side of the chest. Abdomen should not touch the floor.  This position helps in strengthening the arms.
Step 7: Here knees can touch the floor. Upper body will be facing towards sky. Arms need to be kept straight.  This pose is known as ‘bhujangasan’.
Step 8:  This pose is same as fifth pose.
Step 9:  It is same as fourth pose. Only one must use opposite leg to take back.
Step 10: Again repeat third pose with breathing out.
Step 11:  Breath in and stretch body repeating second pose.
Step 12: Come back in first pose completing the cycle of Suryanamaskar.

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